School Management deserves better tool to manage their institute in efficient manner

We create powerful tools for educational institutes to automate their processes

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Wish to automate your institution?

Come, join us to get the most efficient solution

Connecting education systems with IT.

mSkool is a software application to automate all the processes involved with an educational institution.

What can you do with mSkool?

  • Manage Admission
  • Manage Attendance
  • Manage Examination
  • Manage Fee Collection and Collection Reports
  • Track Student Profile
  • Track Staff Profile
  • Generate various type of Reports
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage HRMS
  • Manage Transport
  • Manage Library

Fee Collection Fee Collection

Administrator, Teachers, Students, Parents; all are benefited

mSkool helps every one. Right from school Administrator to Parents, everybody can use this and exploit the benefits available.

  • For Administrator
    • Cost-effective one point solution for total campus management
    • Zero redundancy in managing the institutions records
    • Complete automation of all operations
    • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
    • Best possible resource optimization
    • Save a lots of investment in different software and management issues
  • For Teachers
    • Management of student attendance
    • Management of marks and grades
    • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
    • Access to own and students' attendance
    • Better organization of school activities like leave management
    • Manage class information and analytical reports
  • For Students
    • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers
    • Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule and report
    • Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
    • Prior information about school events and holidays
  • For Parents
    • Get connected to the school effectively and easily
    • Frequent interaction with teachers
    • Reliable update on child's attendance progress report and fee payment
    • Prior information about school events and holidays

Do you have an institute?

We are here to partner with you to provide complete automation for your esteemed institute.

Manual process is painful, costly, time consuming and requires lots of resources! mSkool helps you overcome all these obstacles.

  • Most of the operations in mSkool requires a single click and/or few key presses
  • Economically affordable
  • Several weeks or months job is accomplished in few seconds or minutes
  • Minimum resources
  • Saves your valuable time
  • Saves your resources
  • Saves your money
  • Increases efficiency of your institution
  • Eases overall management of campus
  • Provides you data privacy
  • Easy access from any point across the world
  • Makes your life happy

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